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Freya & Thor of Sweden offers handmade jewellery with a unique, modern & minimalistic design. The brand was founded in 2017, with the mission to create silver jewelry taking inspiration from Norse Mythology. The God of Thunder Thor’s hammer “Mjolner” became the first symbol used in our pieces. In 2020 we launched an equal focus on Goddess Freya & her “Golden Tears”. We ethically & sustainably craft our jewellery in Sweden & not machine made in a country far away from our main markets. We aim at continuous development with a slow fashion approach, launching relevant & beautiful pieces that will complete your look, & add the finishing touch to any outfit. Dive into our collections of Nordic design – we hope that you find your perfect piece.

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About FREYA & Thor

tear of freya necklace sterling silver

With inspiration from ancient Norse Mythology, where gods ruled the realm, our original Hammer Bracelet was created. The Hammer, Mjolnir, was the God of Thunder’s most vital asset in his quest of protecting Asgard from the evil Frost Giants – the hammer of Thor was our first symbol & product. At Freya & Thor of Sweden we strive to protect the world from evil doings and Strengthen our wearers to do the same, but also through love. Freya went on to become the second God of inspiration. She is known for her interest & possession of fine jewellery. Her Tears became a symbol of what she stands for – Love & Care.

We not only aspire for people to wear our products & look good, but that also you as a wearer will strive to defend our world from evil just as Thor did. Poverty, pollution & inequality are modern things to fight. But we also hope you will help to spread love & care - just as Freya did.

At Freya & Thor of Sweden you will find a wide variety of unique & minimalistic men’s & women’s bracelets, necklaces, earrings – suited for every occasion – combine & perfect your own style. All jewellery is handmade in our foundry and studio here in Sweden, with a focus on our 100% up-cycled sterling silver. With one of our Norse Mythology inspired jewelry pieces you add a detail that becomes the perfect component when you want to create that perfect look. We offer several size choices, number of bracelet laps, chain lengt, single or pair – to tailormake your experience – with an aim for it to be designed to match your style.

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