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Thor of Sweden offers Swedish handmade sleek & minimalistic jewellery with focus on our classic Hammer bracelets. The brand was founded in early 2017 with an ambition to offer modern bracelets with a relation to Norse Mythology & of course mainly in relation to the God of Thunder – Thor. We also wanted to craft them in Sweden & not machine made in a country far away from our main markets. Our pieces will complete your look, & add the finishing touch to your outfit. Now, dive into our collections of Nordic design. Our jewellery comes in Silver, Gold & Rose Gold – made for Her, for Him – made for You.

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About Thor of Sweden

Black & Gray bracelet by the Sea

At Thor of Sweden you will find a large variety of unique & minimalistic men’s & women’s bracelets – perfect in all situations & occasions – combine & add to your own style. The bracelets are handmade in our foundry and studio here in Sweden, with a focus on our 100% recycled sterling silver 935, but also come in variations with bronze as a base, plated in 18 carat gold, rose gold, or oxidised / ruthenised silver. With one of our jewelry pieces around your wrist, you add a small detail that becomes the perfect component when you want to create a look that goes, not only for yourself, but also with others. You have the option to choose from one, two or three laps of cord, in either paracord or leather – designed to match your outfit.

We not only aspire for people to wear our products and look good, but we also hope you as a wearer will strive to defend our world from poverty, pollution and other evil things in our world, just as Thor did.

With all possibilities to create your own ultimate combination, it can be as beautiful as you like from your own perspective – everyone will be right, no one wrong. Depending on what clothes, style & design you like in general, you can match yourself to a stylish or motley combination that balances cut out suits you & your personality completely. If you are in doubt about which of the jewelery you should buy, you can always contact us to find the right accessories, we are happy to give advice. Feel free to look – here – at how other customers have experienced shopping with us. We look forward to your order, or your message – we are here for you!

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