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Thor’s legacy – our inspiration

Thor, mighty God of Thunder Storms, was one of the main deities for the Germanic peoples. Even after their conversion to Christianity, people kept on wearing hammer-shaped pendants in the Nordics as a way of asking for the god’s protection and blessings.

He was also “quite popular” amongst the Vikings, as he was a figure of supernatural strength and courage but also fertility and loyalty. It is also no wonder that Thor’s strong will and sense of duty inspired a Marvel superhero.

At Freya & Thor of Sweden we love the God of Thunder’s passion and dedication, travelling all around the world in aid of mankind. We are truly inspired, and aim to share his inheritance and also inspire you to be powerful, but to also remember good core values, and always be fair and just. The hammer is a symbol that encourages us to fight for a better world, as well as to get in touch with our roots in Nature – venture into wilderness and explore our Earth, embark on small adventures every day – those are your roots as well.

Carry a piece of Thor’s virtue with you through our handcrafted jewellery, and allow it to inspire you as a symbol of Godly Determination and Protection for your life journey.

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