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How to Find Your Perfect Thor Hammer Bracelet

The Thor of Sweden handmade Hammer Bracelets have a strong yet simple design that can be customized for your own personal style. The bracelet cord comes in several different colours and the metal hammer piece is available in sterling silver, gold, rose gold and black. Additionally, you can choose between a single, double, or triple cord. Every combination of cord

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Thor’s Influence in Sweden

Since the Viking era, Nordic mythology has played an important role in Swedish culture. Names, landmarks and statues throughout Sweden contain references to the mythological tales and characters. It’s no surprise that the Thunder God Thor, with his incredible strength and courage, was a favorite amongst the Vikings. It has been centuries since the Vikings dominated the Nordic lands, but

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Be part of Thor’s legacy

Thor, mighty god of thunder storms, was one of the main deities for the Germanic peoples. Even after their conversion to Christianity, people kept on wearing hammer-shaped pendants in the Nordics as a way of asking for the god’s protection and blessings. He was also quite popular amongst Vikings, as he was a figure of supernatural strength and courage but

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Thor, the god of thunder and lightning, is the strongest of the Aesir and protector of both gods and humans. He is married to the beautiful goddess Sif, known for her golden hair and whose elegance we represent with the double White and Rose Gold bracelet. Thor has long hair and a beard that too are beautiful and represent his

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In Midgard, a man had a son, Mani, and a daughter, Sol, both extremely bright. Jealous, the gods took the children and put them in a chariot each, in the skies, pulling the moon and sun. For couples or friends who enjoy wearing complementary items, we have got our sun and moon inspired bracelets—Dark Grey and Silver and Dark Grey

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Earth’s Creation

Búri fathers Borr, who marries Bestla, one of the ice giant’s daughters. The couple has three children: Odin, Vili, and Vé. Together, the three brothers killed the primordial giant Ymir. They then tore his body apart, creating the ocean from his blood and earth from his flesh. They used his bones for the mountains and teeth for boulders. With the

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