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Our Story

tear of freya necklace sterling silver
Taking inspiration from ancient Norse Mythology, where gods ruled the realm, our original Hammer Bracelet was created. The Hammer, Mjolnir, was the God of Thunder’s most vital asset in his quest of protecting Asgard from the evil Frost Giants. At Thor of Sweden we strive to protect the world from evil doings, and we aim to Strengthen our wearers to do the same- and the Hammer of Thor became our symbol. Freya went on to become the second God of inspiration for us. She is known for her interest and possession of fine jewellery. Her Tears became a symbol of what she stands for – Love. 

At Thor of Sweden you will find a wide variety of unique & minimalistic men’s & women’s bracelets, necklaces, earrings – suited for every occasion – combine & perfect your own style. All jewellery is handmade in our foundry and studio here in Sweden, with a focus on our 100% up-cycled sterling silver. With one of our Norse Mythology inspired jewelry pieces you add a detail that becomes the perfect component when you want to create that perfect look. For the classic Hammer of Thor bracelet you can choose a single, double or triple lap of either paracord or leather – with an aim for it to be designed to match your outfit.

All our pieces are made to perfection by hand in our local foundry in Sweden, with 100% up-cycled Sterling Silver being our main metal of use.

“We not only aspire for people to wear our products and look good, we also aim at you as a wearer getting  inspired and striving to defend our world from poverty, pollution and other evil things in our world, just as Thor did.”

– Carl-David, owner and CEO

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