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Earth’s Creation

Búri fathers Borr, who marries Bestla, one of the ice giant’s daughters. The couple has three children: Odin, Vili, and Vé.

Together, the three brothers killed the primordial giant Ymir. They then tore his body apart, creating the ocean from his blood and earth from his flesh. They used his bones for the mountains and teeth for boulders. With the giant’s skull they made the sky and threw Ymir’s brain into the heavens, creating clouds. They further decorated the firmament with embers and sparks from Muspelheim—the stars. At Thor of Sweden we do not condone giant’s disemboweling, but as a symbol of peaceful creation we are proud to present our first Hammer Necklace.

On Yggdrasil’s branches and roots, the siblings created different realms. For the Aesir, gods like themselves, they made Asgard up in the sky (have a look at Thor triple White and Rose Gold bracelet if the Aesir are your favourite). They decided to produce land for the giants to reside as well, and thus made Jötunheimr—a rocky region away from Asgard.

From adrift wood, they carved the first two humans—Ask and Embla—to whom the brothers gave breath, spirit and life, and a realm to live at—Midgard. You can find some of that life spirit in our double Black and Silver bracelet.They connected Midgard to Asgard through a bridge—the Bifröst, a rainbow—which is guarded by Heimdallr, who watches the bridge making sure no giant crosses over. For further protection from the Jötnar, a fortification was built around Midgard from Ymir’s eyebrows.

As Ymir’s body started to rot, with maggots eating its remains, the gods were afraid the sky would fall so they transformed the worms into dwarves and sent four of them—Nordri, Sudri, Austri and Vestri—to hold and guard the sky. The rest of the dwarves were placed in Niðavellir, where they live underground and master their craftsmanship and smithing. At Thor of Sweden we have a special appreciation for the dwarves, as all our pieces too are meticulously handcrafted, and created a bracelet inspired by them—the Thor double Hunters Black and Black.

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