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In Midgard, a man had a son, Mani, and a daughter, Sol, both extremely bright. Jealous, the gods took the children and put them in a chariot each, in the skies, pulling the moon and sun. For couples or friends who enjoy wearing complementary items, we have got our sun and moon inspired bracelets—Dark Grey and Silver and Dark Grey and Black bracelets. To ensure the siblings would always be moving, two wolves were set to chase them at all times.

They too offered two giants, Nott and her son Dagr, chariots for them to ride in the sky and create night and day.

Muspelheim, guarded by the fire giant Sutr, and Niflheim stay the two primordial realms of fire and ice. Midgard stays in the centre of Yggdrasil, with Asgard on top and Hel on the bottom of the tree. Hel is the underworld, ruled by a goddess of the same name, where the diseased dwell. Just like our Black and Black bracelet, Hel is not a symbol of sadness or suffering, but rather of peace and reflection.

On a similar level to Hel is Jötunheimr and Niðavellir. Then between Asgard and Midgard is Alfheim—land of the Light Elves—and Vanaheimr—home of the Vanir, a tribe of gods rival to the Aesir. Light Elves (Dark Elves being Darves) have got a strong connection with the earth, so to symbolise them we have created the Thor Double Forest Green and Silver.

Odin, the all-father of the Aesir, is often associated with war and death but also sapience and poetry. He is a seeker of knowledge, the Thor Light Grey and Silver carries Odin’s quest and reminds us of how he sacrificed one of his eyes to obtain the wisdom of Mimir, a wise Aesir’s counselor. He speaks in riddles, his words having the power to control nature, and is known to be a shapeshifter—just like the god Loki, who is sometimes said to be Odin’s blood brother.

From his home, Valaskialf, Odin watches over all the other realms. He is married to the goddess Frigg, with whom he has two sons—Balder and Hod. Odin however often recurs to love affairs, including with giantess Jörð, personification of earth and Thor’s mother.

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